Sunday, October 03, 2004

Oh, what a beautiful morning

I can't believe the weather this morning - right now it's only 74 degrees and slightly breezy. We opened up all the windows to air out our poor shut-up house. Summer has been brutal and it's nice to feel some fresh air again. We had old friends in town yesterday and they were complaining about how hot it is here, how can we live here, etc etc. I had to laugh because it was only 95 yesterday and it actually felt bearable to me - I guess I'm finally adjusted to living here again. I do hope the really hot weather is over. I missed the Bay Area a lot this summer when I was held captive in the air conditioning.

As you can see below, my Madeline poncho is almost done, at least with the initial construction. It goes very quickly - the pattern is just yarn over, knit two together on one side, yarn over, pearl two together on the other. I have to make an effort to do the knit side very loosely, otherwise I can barely get my needles in to pearl the other. I'm excited to put it together and see how it works – this is my first poncho of this type.

On another poncho front, I've decided to do something different for Anne (my sister-in-law). She sent me a bunch of pictures of ponchos she likes, and they are all the top-down, in the round kind of pattern instead of the two rectangles. I'm thinking of this pattern from the Yarn Harlot blog. I can get some worsted weight yarn and it should knit up pretty quickly. I love the Yarn Harlot blog, by the way. What a great name, first of all, and she's funny and insightful. I should add her to my list of blogs I read.

A few people asked me about a poncho pattern for toddlers – I found this one that would be oh-so-cute for a two year old girl. I'll have to post it on the yahoo group as well because I can't remember who was asking for it. Alison maybe? And someone else.

I can't wait to get to Jessica Knits – the group is all abuzz about what a fantastic store it is. Of course I can't BUY anything, but just to see what she has will be exciting. My yarn restriction will one day be lifted and I am going to knit myself something fantastic.

I watched Knitty Gritty yesterday on TiVo (I love TiVo, it was invented by Zeus himself. I have Saturday Night Live to watch today because I couldn't keep my eyes open last night.) It was a great show about beginning knitting. I wish there was a way to burn to DVD so I could bring it to our meeting Monday night. They showed casting on, knit stitch, and binding off. They even showed the difference between Continental and the throw method. (Clearly pointing out that the Continental method is faster and far superior to the throw method.) One interesting statistic they mentioned is that knitting has increased in women over 35 by 400% from 1998 to 2002. I wish the local yarn stores would realize this and be nicer to us.


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