Friday, October 01, 2004

We're Famous!

The Arizona Republic published an article today about our group. It was much better than the New Times article that came out earlier this year, but it didn't mention how to contact us. That is a little disappointing. Plus the writer said I'm 33, when in fact I'm only 32. But other than that, it was great to get the publicity.

Today is National Knit-Out, so I'll be heading over to Mama Javas in a bit to participate in the festivities. I've started a few projects to take with me – my dad's vest and Madeline's poncho, I still have Anne's poncho, and I may start baby Vincent's hat if I feel adventurous. We will be at the coffee shop from 10-5 and then moving to an art gallery on 6th street and Garfield to participate in Art Link's First Fridays from 6-10. Knit-Out is the brilliant idea of the Craft Yarn Council – what better way to promote the sale of more yarn than to have people sit in public and knit?

On the pregnancy front, a woman at the car wash pointed at my belly and said "Any day now?" I swear to you, she actually said that. I have seven weeks left! What am I going to look like by then?


Blogger illanna said...

Hey Brooke!

I liked the article too. It made me laugh when they said i was "edgy." I was glad to see that they didn't misquote any of us. I have to go get the actual newspaper and see if there were any pictures in it.


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