Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I snuck over to Jessica Knits yesterday, and yes, it's worth all the hype. (It is far though. I was meeting a friend for lunch in North Scottsdale and since I was already all the way up there I couldn't help myself.) I met Jessica, she's fabulous and her store is a wonderland of yarn. She does have kidsilk haze, but not in very many colors. I imagine she can order it though.

I ran into Illana, who was about to pick out yarn for two new projects that looked fun. One is a felted bag with a flower pattern – it looks so interesting I can't wait to see it knit up. I've often wondered about intarsia and felting and I'm glad she can test it out and let me know how it goes.

Kae from RAOK asked how much of the gorilla yarn I have left, and since I'm going to rip out what I've already made I have a ton! A total of 840 yards. I guess I could attempt a poncho in a different way – I don't think the 2 rectangle thing really works with this particular yarn. I'll have to mull it over. Maybe I'll go back to AZ Knit and Needlepoint and see if they have any ideas.

I tried to watch the VP debate last night, I really did. It's still TiVo'd in case I feel like it today. About 20 minutes into it, however, I realized they were just reiterating the presidential debate, even down to the same damn sentences. It was like watching a high school debate team where everyone had the same topic. So I admit it, I switched over to Love Actually, a movie I have saved on TiVo indefinitely. That movie makes me cry every time! I highly recommend it, especially to anyone in a relationship. It will make you love the person you're with just a little bit more.

I've officially declared it fall in Arizona. I know it's still getting up to 95 during the day, but it's just lovely in the morning and the evening. It's 72 degrees right now, I have the doors open in my office and the breeze is blowing around. I'm grateful for the weather change, as my belly gets bigger every day and I become more and more like a small beached whale.


Blogger illanna said...

Whenever i post gifts on my blog, i am always worried that people will see it too.
Jessica knits really is awesome. I am so happy she opened because I think we were really lacking in the perfect knitting store department. Anyway, I didn't buy the yarn for the purse. I think i'll get it in NY next week.

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