Monday, September 27, 2004


Joe asked me yesterday if I was addicted to knitting. Of course not. Addicted is such a harsh word. He asked if I could stop if I wanted to. Why would I want to? Silly man. I am a little obsessed lately because of all the finishing that is going on. But I am no addict. Not me.

I have been learning so much lately it's exciting. Yesterday was the Three Needle Bind-Off, for under the arms of my sweater. I imagine this is a really great technique for a more tailored sweater as well, but with my yarn you can't really see anything so I don't think it mattered – I probably could have just sewed up the holes. Basically, you just knit the two sides together on a new needle for two stitches and then pass the first stitch over the second like a regular bind off. It wasn't terribly easy but I did get it to work.

And then last night I made button holes in Julie's baby's sweater. You just cast off stitches going one way, and on the way back you cast on the same number of stitches. I had to read about this in the Stitch-n-Bitch book, but it worked great. Progress on the sweater is slow, again I have to remember to read the patterns. I am making the second size of the cardigan, and when I went around to pick up all the stitches in front and make a ribbed edging I used the numbers for the first size and didn't have enough stitches on my needle. I had to rip the whole thing out. Very depressing. Picking up stitches is not that easy and I hated to see it all go to waste.

Now I think I'll do some research about casting on with waste yarn. We were talking about it yesterday at the sock workshop and no one has done it successfully.

Julie's cardigan is almost done! I just have to sew up the left side – this was a very piecey pattern so there is lots of sewing to do. But I did learn how to set raglan sleeves so it's probably worth it.


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