Sunday, September 26, 2004

My sweater is done!

I got home from sock workshop and finished the sweater. I can't believe it's finally done! And it's not meant to be a maternity sweater, but it actually fits because it's so roomy. Hopefully it will still be cute when I lose all the baby weight (keeping my fingers crossed for that day.) Now that I see my picture I realize why those women were calling me huge. This baby sure does stick out a lot!

I posted some pictures from the sock workshop as well. We had it at Kids Town – an indoor play place owned by one of our knitters Alison. It's such a cute place, you can see the little buildings in the background. Becky did a fantastic job putting together the patterns and the materials lists. She roamed the room helping people out and I think everyone got their socks off to a great start. She will be at Mama Java's on Friday if anyone has problems. I had to rip my socks out twice, so I'm sure I'll be there with questions.


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