Friday, September 24, 2004


My father, who is 61 years old, crashed his mountain bike yesterday afternoon somewhere in the Arizona desert and severely fractured his collar bone. Joe's comment was "I think that injury is more common for younger people." True, very true. But my father doesn't act his age, ever.

So I'm heading up to my parent's house today to visit him and make sure he's okay. He had to sleep sitting up because they apparently tied his hands behind his back or some such nonsense. I will probably sit with him a while and knit on Anne's poncho. A perfect opportunity to get more done on it, although I'm still not convinced the pattern is going to work out in the end.

I did finish one sock for my mom last night while watching The Apprentice. I can't post a picture though because it is a gift and her snoopy little eyes may find their way to my blog someday. I will say they came out very cool and I love the Fiber Trends patterns.

Speaking of patterns, why do pattern writing people make it so difficult to follow what they mean? Kim called me two days ago to ask what I though a sleeve pattern meant. It said "Increase every following 6th and then every following 4th row." Does that mean every 6th and 10th? Or the 6th and then every 4th? Lucky for her she called Fiber Factory and asked them, I told her wrong. (It was every 6th and 10th). I'm having the same problem with the sleeve for Julie's baby's sweater. It says to increase the next 4th and following 8th row to a certain number of stitches, and then work until it measures 4.5 inches. By the time you work all the increases the sleeve measures way more than 4.5 inches. Ugh. I posted a picture of the tiny thing - who would have thought it would be this hard?

I love The Apprentice, by the way. I think Donald Trump is a genius, and he should have one an Emmy over that stupid Amazing Race show. Last night he fired the crazy women, thank goodness. I was worried they were keeping her around for ratings, which I know they did with Omorosa last season.

I have to run and finish cleaning the house so the house cleaners can come. I'm not obsessive or anything, I'm just really messy. I have to make sure everything is picked up so they can actually clean.

p.s. I posted a picture of Joe and the dogs so everyone can see them.


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