Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Another one done

The sweater for Julie's baby Mac is done! I ran out to Joanne's yesterday to buy buttons (I didn't foresee the need for buttons even as I was making the buttonholes. Hmmm.) One of the sad things about living downtown is the lack of good stores. I went to the one on Indian School and 32nd Street and it was pathetic compared to those beautiful big stores in the suburbs. Don't get me wrong, I love where I live. But any time I want to really shop I have to drive and drive. I like the Joanne's at Desert Ridge but it's a hike from here so I decided against it since I only needed buttons.

I have a new tactic for people who comment on my belly. I tell them I'm farther along than I really am. A sales girl asked me at Joanne's and I just said, "Oh, I'm 8 months, he's almost here." The truth is I never really know how far along I am anyway. It's maddening this pregnancy calculation thing. Gestation for a baby is 40 weeks. Except for the fact that the doctors just ADD two weeks for the hell of it so they can calculate better. So even though I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant, I've really only physically been pregnant for 31 weeks. I'm due in 7 weeks, which is almost 2 months. When I tell people that they are alarmed. But if I just say I'm 8 months pregnant they seem to think that's normal.

I want to start my dad's vest but I'm scared. I've never made anything that really has to fit someone before. He picked a simple pattern and really fabulous yarn, but I keep putting off getting it started. I'm going to make myself do it though, I've got to get the rest of these gifts moving.


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