Friday, October 08, 2004

Yarn Weight demystified

Okay, I admit I'm slow. I have always hated trying to figure out yarn weight when I have a pattern but want to use different yarn. This goes right along with my aversion to swatching. (Plus, it is annoying that yarns don't always say what weight they are, they just tell you the number of stitches per 4 inches) Suddenly yesterday I found something that converted stitches per 4 inches to weights. The Elann site has this way of searching by weight. (Thanks Illana for sending me there)

So for the rest of you that have this same problem, here is what I learned. The following are the types of yarn weight and the number of stitches per 4 inches, which is what is usually found on the yarn label and in patterns:

8-11 Polar
12-14 Bulky
15-16 Chunky
17-18 Aran
19-20 Worsted
21-23 DK (that stands for double knit? Am I right? I'm assuming it's not Donna Karan)
24-26 Sport
27-29 Fingering (same as sock? I'm still researching that)
33-40 Lace

This may seem rudimentary to some of you life-long knitters. But the farther I delve into this world of yarn the happier I am when I learn new things. Maybe one day I'll be able to read an entire pattern and have it make sense!

The next exciting bit of news has to do with my Mother-in-Law Gloria. She is a fifth grade teacher and I volunteer in her classroom every now and then. She called last night and asked me if I would teach her class how to knit! How fun will that be? I'm going to have them make blankets for the Thomas J. Pappas school in downtown Phoenix. This school is for homeless children and one item on their wish list is blankets. If every kid in the class makes a square we will have a few blankets to donate. I'm really looking forward to this activity. If it goes well I may have them make holiday gifts for their families (maybe felted potholders or something similar?)

I'm having lunch with fellow knitters Kim and Julie today. I will probably finish Anne's poncho by tonight, and move on to the mittens for Mary. Vincent's hat is last – those should both be done in the next week. Dad's vest, Mom's secret gift, and then I'm done with Christmas! Maybe I will get to make stockings after all? I would really like to have them for Jack's first Christmas.

The RAOK group has been fun – trying to read 150 blogs is a lot but there are some incredibly talented women in the group. I've already received a $5 tea gift certificate, 2 audio books and several e-cards. I have to decide what to send and who to send it to now!


Blogger illanna said...


I found on Mariko's blog that you can substitute Lion Brand Imagine for Kidsilk Haze. Here is the link to her post:
She is making a pretty Rowan poncho. She said on her blog that they are discontinuing the yarn though.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

thats some great info! Very helpful Brooke! Thanks and I will see you this Wed.

2:53 AM  

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