Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Live and Learn

I've learned a lot about blogging in the past few months. Namely, people are going to read into your posts what they want to hear, not necessarily what you intended to say. I suppose written communication is not the most effective. I know this is true in the media as well – someone reading Ann Coulter, for example, reads through a particular lens, expecting certain things from her. Same with William F. Buckley. These people have so thoroughly entrenched themselves in the conservative point of view that they have lost the ability to be taken seriously.

I just wonder what it is about me in particular that makes people read certain things in a negative way. The cop is the third time this has happened. I said "I wonder if our laws are making us safer." It seems he thought I said "We should be allowed to drink and drive all we want."

I suppose I will just keep blogging away, and hope my audience will begin to understand me a little better. I don't know Aimee and Jay (at least I don't think I do), so I just have to assume they stumbled over here without reading much and made some pretty big assumptions about the type of person I am.

It's all pretty fascinating really.

Now on to the knitting. We met at Changing Hands last night – what a great time it was! Unfortunately I had to leave because Jack was hanging on by a thread. We've been trying to have a "bedtime" and see if that helps with his sleeping, so he gets tired around 7 and is looking for his pjs. But I did get to see a few people and Becky brought her new baby. He's five weeks old and cute as a little button. He has so much hair!

Here are some pictures (not of the new baby though, he got there just as we were leaving.)




It was a smaller group than normal, I think because another group was meeting at Cupz in Gilbert. I like the smaller size meetings – it's easier to talk and hear people and see what everyone is making. Lots of talented knitters, let me tell you. I haven't seen an update on the Cupz meeting yet but it does seem pretty popular. Just too far for me on a week night.


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