Sunday, March 27, 2005


You know how I said I only needed one additional set of increases to get to 35 inches on the Baby-clapotis? I must have been drunk or something, because each set is only 2.5 inches, and the original shawl is 22 inches wide. So that’s 13 inches short, divided by 2.5 is 5.2! So I need quite a few more increase rows than I anticipated. I continue to increase and wait for dropping of the stitches. Regrettably, not much got done this weekend.

It’s Easter Sunday – the single most defining moment in Christianity, and people across the world are celebrating by eating too much chocolate and hunting for eggs. Even the non-Christians do it, which I think is pretty funny. I don’t go around fasting for Ramadan, so why do you celebrate Easter? (Yes, I am joking here a bit, so don’t all go running to the comments to get personally offended and call me names.)

But it is somewhat of an interesting question. I have two friends who constantly mock me for being religious (ok, constantly is a bit exaggerated. But I have had to defend myself more than once for believing in god, for going to church, and for raising my son Catholic). BOTH of these people celebrate Christmas and Easter. Why? I wonder to myself, aloud and on my blog.

We celebrated by going to church with my parents. They are Presbyterian and Joe had never been to a protestant service before. Of course he made the obligatory jokes about Benny Hin and Faith Healing, and of course the service was underwhelming compared to Trinity Broadcasting Network’s version of Christianity. The Presbyterians are pretty calm people – no shouting from the audience or anything. I think he was disappointed.

This evening we stopped by Joe’s Grandmother’s house for dinner. We didn’t stay long, the baby was fussing and tired. I’m hoping he’s down for the night so I can relax.

I updated my sidebar today – just a little rearranging and some additions to the blogs I read. And I added my email address because Potusol pointed out it wasn’t listed. If I ever get free time I may play with my template a little, the pea soup is a little dull.


Blogger Berly's Blog said...

Is it me that is mocking you? I know I celebrate the holiday, maybe because I was a Christian at one time and that was the holidays my family celebate when I was growing up.

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