Saturday, April 09, 2005

Knitting and......Rugby?

Last night we had a wine tasting to attend, and due to the recent experiences of our good friend with the Arizona DUI system, we thought it best to find alternate transportation. We hired Execucar to pick us up and drive us there and back. I’ve come to realize that it is impossible to know what your blood alcohol content is, and at very low levels you can still be sent straight to jail without passing Go. Our friend was recently sentenced to 30 days in tent city (yes, that’s a real thing. It’s jail but in a tent.) It was very nice to not have to drive so neither one of us had to worry about tasting the wines.

I’m not sure how I feel about the DUI laws here. The limit is .08, which basically means if you kiss someone who has been drinking, you may be violating the law. The one time I have been given a breathalyzer I blew .07 and I seriously think I had 2 sips of beer before driving. Is cracking down on the barely-impaired group of drivers going to help deter the really dangerous people? Are DUI related accidents down since Sheriff Joe started his campaign to rid the streets of drunk drivers?

In my experiences with the government, they often make things worse when they have the best intentions. I’m afraid our current state of affairs with these laws may be doing just that. The time I was pulled over it was because I didn’t stop 100% at the stop sign, and when I did stop I was a little too far in front of it. While the nice young officer was performing his battery of field sobriety tests on little old harmless me, I wonder who was driving down Scottsdale Road in a real state of inebriation on his or her way to kill someone’s child. (edited for clarification): After he was done testing me, the officer sent me on my merry little way. He said I "wasn't impaired at all" and he pulled me over because they were practicing for New Years Eve. And this was a few years ago so the limit was actually .10 at that time.

I know this has nothing to do with knitting, but it was on my mind this morning. I’d love to hear what people think – I know most of you have an opinion on this subject, but most of you probably live in states where the consequences of breathing vodka fumes are not so severe.

Today, shortly after Joe abandons his small family to go to LA with his friends, Jack and I will head to Mesa for Knitting and Rugby. What is Knitting and Rugby? you may ask. It is an event put together by our wonderful leader Kim, whereby a gaggle of knitters descends upon the Rugby field of her husband’s team and watches often-shirtless men run around with a little ball. I don’t know the rules of the game and I really don’t care. I’m just going to enjoy the wonderful weather and hopefully get some knitting done.

Speaking of Kim, she’s asked to be interviewed. I will have her questions up tomorrow. Along with some Rugby pictures I hope.

It says I don't have comments, but there are some about the whole DUI thing - I encourage you to read them and throw your 2 cents in the ring. I am very curious to hear what people have to say about this.


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