Saturday, July 09, 2005


I'm becoming a somewhat scattered knitter. Or really I just am a scattered knitter and sometimes I'm more focused than others. Right now I'm about as focused as Ben and Jennifer's wedding photos. The SWTC purse is halted because of beads. I have gotten pretty far on the Ribby Tank, as you can see here:

4 inches

It's a good project for knitting with a baby because I don't have to pay too much attention. Although it's a good thing I've learned how to drop a stitch down and change it from a knit to a purl because I have messed up a few times.

The pink sweater is completely on hold because I fear it is possessed by demons. I bought a skein of chenielle to make the washcloth from Weekend Knitting but it's still sitting in my car.

And then today I found these adorable footy socks – remember the ones with the pom poms on the back? Alison at the Blue Blog designed them and I just think they are adorable. So I started a pair of those with some yarn in my stash. I’m having trouble understanding her method of short rowing but I'm hoping to figure it out. Even with pictures it is just not making sense to me. If anyone has done this pattern and can answer one question for me that would be great. (My question is this, do I knit the stitch BEFORE the yarn over or do I turn there?)

As many of you noticed PJS took down his blog without warning. I don't know if he'll be back, I don't know why he did it that way other than he said it was starting to feel like work. He was very tied to the number of comments he got in a day and apparently he didn't feel like people were commenting enough. I'm guessing he will resurface on some of your blogs and explain himself, but probably not until Tuesday or after. (He has company in town right now.) Anyhow, he was fine as of yesterday afternoon, I can only assume he's fine today. He has a cute habit of not returning emails or phone calls, so hopefully everything is okay.

I'm not going to comment about London other than to say it makes me sad and scared. I don't feel like ranting or arguing or anything, I just wish it didn't happen.


Blogger Joan said...

Your blog (and Becky's) make me a little nostalgic for the years we lived in the Phoenix area. Feel free to post more pictures of the area :-)

4:25 AM  

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