Thursday, June 30, 2005

Light My Fire

Today is hot. But I find myself not minding so much now that we have air conditioning. Imagine that. It’s 110 outside but only 76 inside, so I am comfortable. I only wish we had done this ages ago. Now if I could just convince Joe we need a pool….

Arizona is typically a nice place to live – no natural disasters, lots to do, pretty scenery. Unfortunately we had a large amount of ran this winter, and now all the dead grass is igniting and wreaking havoc. (no thanks to the smokers of the area who still think it’s okay to throw lit butts out their windows, but I digress.) I was driving up to my mom’s house the other afternoon and saw this:


I thought, hmmmm, it’s a little early for monsoons and it’s not supposed to get cloudy today. Then I realized that was SMOKE. The fires up in Carefree are so big you can see the smoke from all around the valley. A second fire to the west of us started yesterday and the smoke was so thick it blocked out the sun near my house. Incredible.

Where does the time go? I am so used to blogging every day and now that I have this little person to entertain I don’t get around to it. I can tell you I met Becky for some knitting on Tuesday. She was in the area and so I dropped by the Coffee Plantation for a visit. She looks great – rested and relaxed and much much happier. Here she is showing off a sweater she made for her nephew:


I dropped by SWTC yesterday on my way home from Julie’s and talked to Jonelle about my purses. She gave me some beads for the white one and I’m going to start putting beads on it this weekend. I think she liked the designs, now I just have to write up the patterns.

She was also working on the cutest little amulet bags made out of some type of crazy, soft and silky yarn with cool beads and buttons hanging off. I think she’s going to put pictures up on her blog later this week so go check it out.

Tonight is knitting at Changing Hands. Joe is coming home early so I can run down and knit for a spell. I probably won’t get there until 7:30 or so, but I’m sure there will still be people around. I can’t wait!


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Did you take that picture while you were driving on the 101?!?

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