Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I Want to be My Dog

Yesterday afternoon my lovely Miniature Pinscher, Lucca, somehow got a huge splinter in her leg from the fence. (The vet called it a stick, which is a little on the dramatic side I think.) She was screaming like a banshee – I swear I have never heard an animal make such a noise. I was able to pull one splinter out, but the other was completely under the skin and she was bleeding.

The vet brought out the estimate for knocking her out and getting the splinter. I looked at my husband and said "Do you know how much yarn I could buy for that amount of money?" He rolled his eyes and signed the paper. We even paid an extra $8 for the better anesthesia so we could bring her home last night. She doesn't do well sleeping away from home. Nor does she do well with Elizabethan Collars, so I get to watch her all day and make sure she doesn't fuss with the staples.

And why do they use staples anyway? Hasn't medical science come up with anything better to close up the skin of a dog?

On the knitting front, yesterday was a last minute trip to Jessica Knits with Kim. What a wonderful place, full of inspiration and just so much wonderful yarn. On the drive up I decided to pull out my dad's vest completely and start over. I wasn't happy with the ribbing on the bottom, and now I'm wondering if I should put a small cable up the front. The pattern is very plain, he picked it because he liked where the shoulders ended. I think if I put a little embellishment in it the sweater would be that much more interesting and it wouldn't be just 15 inches of knitting knitting knitting.

I did buy one ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze. It's like having a single bite of chocolate cake when you're on a diet. I am going to knit it up into some type of lacy scarf and see how I like working with it before I set out for an entire sweater.

Now I have to get something back on needles for tonight. A few of us are checking out a new place called Lux Coffeebar for possible Stitch n Bitch meetings. It will definitely work during the day, but I'm afraid at night it might be too dark. We'll see. But as of right now I have nothing to work on, just a lot of yarn sitting and staring at me.

Carla didn't make it over yesterday, she was flying in from a business trip and was too tired. She seems really excited to learn and I can't wait to have a new convert. Julie, my first protégé, just completed her first sock. I feel so proud. With her I learned that you should never have a beginner tackle a baby blanket – it just takes to damn long to finish. I think she's been working on that stupid thing for 3 months.


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Brooke, I hope Lucca feels better soon. Have fun at Lux Coffeebar. -Kirsten

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