Saturday, October 09, 2004

It's Poncho Mania

I finished knitting Anne's poncho last night, now all I have to do is add some fringe. I wish I could put up a picture, it turned out perfect. I'm really happy with the yarn and the pattern. I'll probably make myself one after the Christmas presents are complete – maybe in a burgundy or even something variegated. The pattern, as I mentioned before, comes from the Yarn Harlot blog. The pattern is a link on the side, called "A Very Harlot Poncho". I highly recommend this blog as part of your daily reading.

Yesterday afternoon I went to Kim's house to eat lunch and knit. Julie came and turned her first heel on the socks from sock workshop. She also learned how to decrease and pick up stitches (which we all agreed is no fun at all). It was nice to just sit around and knit all day again, I get a lot done and it's more social than just sitting in my house looking at my dogs.

I'm so pleased with Julie's progress! Probably we should have given her a quicker first project because her baby blanket is taking forever as baby blankets are wont to do. I think when she finishes this sock she will be happy to have something completed. It's so fun to teach someone to knit. I'm teaching Carla this week – I bought her some wool ease and some size 8 needles and we'll be good to go.

As you can see from the picture below I started on Mary's mittens. I'm not certain how I feel about the fur, but I'm going to keep going and see how it looks in the end. I've never made a mitten before and I understand the thumb can be a problem. Once I get it figured out though they should go quickly.

Unfortunately my left hand is all cramped up again – when I woke up in the night (thank you, young Jack), I tried not to notice the pain and swelling and the claw-like resemblance. Today is pretty busy so I won't have much time to knit anyway. Hopefully the hand will heal in time for Saturday Night Live and I can work on the mitten again.

Tonight is the Wearable Art Auction hosted by Artlink in downtown Phoenix. We don’t really know what to expect. I don't think we have anyone auctioning off stuff this year, but hopefully we can check it out and get ideas for next year. Kim and Johnny are going, but I'm not sure about anyone else from the group.

Also today I will be attending the Arizona State Fair to eat a corn dog and look at some cows. AND we have baptism class this morning (what the heck is baptism class anyway? I can't imagine what they are going to teach us.) What a busy day for me, I hope I have time for a nap.


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