Saturday, October 16, 2004

My Wonderful Mother in Law

I have the best mother in law in the universe. She came to take me out to lunch yesterday because she had the day off (she was supposed to be doing report cards, but who cares about that?). I showed her the kids knitting book and the swatch I knit for the blanket.

We had a wonderful lunch at Barrio Café. I highly recommend this establishment, the food is divine. Go early like we did though, because otherwise you'll wait for a table. So we had our lunch and talked about knitting and the baby of course. She's going to learn to knit right along with the kids (another convert I hope?)

I can't really pinpoint a specific reason why she is so wonderful. Maybe it's because she agrees to reason with her son for me when he complains that the baptism I'm planning is too fancy. Or maybe it's because she brings me Vogue magazines because soon I will be able to buy real clothes again. She is completely supportive of everything Joe and I do, and she does small nice things and big nice things all the time. And when I spend time with her I love my husband just a little bit more. She is the role model for all mother-in-laws. I always tell Joe that 90% of his success can be attributed directly to his mother. I think he probably agrees. I just hope I can be as good of a mother to my son as she is to him.

Today we have two football games to watch, so I should get a lot of knitting done. I hope to finish my mom's double secret project and maybe work on my dad's sweater vest. I think I've decided on one small cable up the front – I think he will like it and the knitting won't be quite so dull.

Many online knitters, mostly in cold places, have been taking pictures of the sky and fall foliage where they live. Arizona's not much for fall foliage, but here is the view from my office. It's 66 degrees this morning and absolutely glorious. This is the time of year when we are all relieved that the miserable summer has ended and we can actually breathe again.

Another thing people are doing is making lists called 100 things about me. I have started mine, and here are the first 10, in no particular order:

I do not like being pregnant.
I am messy and disorganized
I live in a house that was built in 1935
I love beverages – I drink lots of water and tea. I always have a beverage in my hand
I simply adore wine. It is a travesty that you can't drink during pregnancy.
I lived in New York for six long months.
I lived in the San Francisco Bay area for 3 glorious years.
I'm back in Arizona, and happy about it except for the weather.
I wake up every day and realize how incredibly lucky I am
I love a good hot bubble bath. Or mineral bath. Or any kind of bath.


Blogger Shannon said...

Brooke, I lived in the Bay area for about 8 years, first in Alamo and then in Concord. My aunt still lives in SF but used to live in Orinda and Maraga. Where did you live???? I won't be able to go to the meeting this Wed. have to work :( then I am having surgery on the 26th and can't drive for a while so it'll be about a month before I can go to anymore meetings......I miss it but rest assured, LOTS of knitting will be done in my free time at home!!!


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