Thursday, October 14, 2004

You are getting verrrrryyyyyy sllleeeeeppppyyyy......

Yesterday I took two naps and I slept in late. If I wasn't so pregnant I would think I had been bitten by a a TseTse Fly. Because of Lucca's injury I decided to stay home all day and start knitting on my double secret project. It's coming along much better than I expected and it's a quick knit, so I may have it done this week.

I still haven't decided what to do with dad's vest. To cable or not to cable? I should cast on and at least work the ribbing rows for now.

I watched 3 episodes of Knitty Gritty on TiVo. I love that show – I can't believe some people don't get the DIY Network. They made furry cuffed mittens that were different than mine – no thumb gusset. It seemed easier than what I did, except for the fact that she used five double pointed needles instead of four. I'm not sure why – it wasn't that big of a mitten to begin with. I think four would work just fine. I was happy to hear the designer say she had once made two left mittens – I didn't feel so bad.

I've also been trying to catch up on all the RAOK blogs since I finally figured out bloglines If you read a lot of blogs, this service is fantastic. It tells me who posted to their blogs since I last checked, so I don't have to go through everyone and read the same posts over and over. (Some people don't update their blogs every day. Imagine that. They must have a real life.)

And speaking of RAOK, I'm going to be a recipient of a bunch of yarn to help with my 5th graders. Dani from the RAOK is sending me this yarn – there are even some squares already crocheted we can use in our blankets. Thank you Dani!

On another note, a woman at Jessica Knits got me thinking yesterday (After I got over her telling me I was really big and looked like I was having twins. Kim's a witness this time, and I just can't fathom what would make someone say that to me.) Anyhow, she said she knit for her grandkids and they were completely ungrateful. So were their parents for that matter. I should have asked her why she still knit for them if she felt that way. But I didn't. I was still fuming at that moment. (Seriously, anyone reading this out there, please tell your pregnant friends they look great. They already feel big enough, they don't need someone to remind them of the fact.)

For me, I knit gifts for people because I enjoy knitting, and I like the idea that I'm giving something with a little bit of thought and work. Sometimes the holidays can seem like we're all just passing around the same $20 bill, and with knitting I feel like my gifts are just a little bit special. Will the person completely appreciate the hours put into the item? Probably not, unless they are a fellow knitter. But if you give a gift expecting something in return, it's really not a gift is it?

So anyone who receives a knitted gift from me, know that I enjoyed making it, and I enjoyed making it for you. If you don't like it or don't ever wear it, all the same to me.

And lastly, we had a casual knit-in at Lux Coffeebar last night. There were 8 of us there, escaping the hoopla of having the presidential debate in town. Smaller groups like that are fun – you really get to spend more time talking to the same people. Julie brought her sock and I taught her the Kitchner Stitch to close up the toe. I am so proud of her sock! The yarn is fantastic – same as I bought for my socks but in a different color. She cast on for the second one and was doing a great job when we left.


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Can you believe there are people who are so wrapped up in their non-knitblog lives that they don't post every day? *chuckle* It's craziness I tell you.


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