Monday, April 18, 2005

The Harlot in Phoenix?

First off, I emailed Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to find out if she's planning to come to Phoenix this summer. She emailed me back and said she forwarded my request to her publicist, so we'll see if it happens. How fun would that be to meet the Yarn Harlot in the flesh? I got her book this weekend and am not surprised at how wonderful it is.

Do any of you read Squareslant's blog? She's a regular commenter here and on a few other blogs I read, and she always has the funniest pictures where she puts her face on a different body. Well, when she found this picture she thought of me, and put MY face on the body:


Too funny. Thank you Squareslant for that amusing look at myself.

Since the shower is this Wednesday I had to give up on the clapotis baby blanket and go for the SWTC baby jacket instead. I've already made this pattern once so it is going quickly and I hope to have it done by then. It will all depend on how much Jack behaves. Here is how far I am right now:

elissa sweater

Amy over at Needles and Hooks has created a Clapotis Cap. Go check it out – I'm pretty impressed. The first one she made looks like it would match my shawl perfectly. I like it inside out myself, but both ways look pretty cute.

In other important knitting news, Knitpicks now has cotton yarn. For those of us who live in a climate similar to a large pizza oven, wool yarn is not an option in the summer. It's just impossible to convince yourself to put a sweater on your lap and knit, especially if that sweater is made of a fiber meant to heat you up even further. I am going to make myself a cool summer tank top.

I just received an email from the Daily Knitter. I've never heard of this site before but it looks pretty cool. Yarn shop links, patterns, groups, and articles galore. I'm going to add a link on my sidebar and I've asked them to add our Stitch and Bitch group to their list.

Knitting this week at Mama Javas, yay! I love when we meet down here so I don't have to drive as far. And I'm trying to make Jack's bedtime just a tad bit later so hopefully I can stay a little longer this week. Joe will be in New York, so we have to find ways to entertain ourselves.


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