Friday, March 25, 2005

Joey Tribiani

So now that Friends is no longer on the air and I have watched every rerun at least 16 times, I am forced to watch “Joey” on Thursday nights. It’s not a bad show I suppose, but it certainly isn’t as good as Friends was. And I find it unrealistic that he NEVER mentions his friends in New York. I mean, they were together for over ten years, wouldn’t they call? Wouldn’t it come up? Can’t we hear how the babies are? Or if Phoebe ever got pregnant? I mean seriously people, these were his BEST friends, and he never talks about them at all.

This was bothering me a great deal when I fell asleep, so of course I dreamt about Rachel and her baby. I think in some way I use tv characters in place of real friends. It’s easier, because tv characters don’t move to China and New York (unless of course it is some clever plot line, and then I get to watch.)

On the knitting front, I continue to increase for baby-Clapotis. I think I will need one extra set of increase rows to get the desired width, which should happen today. Then I will start decreasing and dropping stitches like the mad woman I am.

Yesterday two of my knitting friends came to my mom’s house to decorate cookies and eggs. Here is my mom with Gemma (Kim’s daughter) and Jake (Kirsten’s son). She is patiently explaining to Gemma how to move the dough without breaking the cookies:


We didn’t get any knitting done because the three moms were too busy eating cookies ourselves. (I gained back every single one of the three pounds I lost last week, and I know it is due to yesterday alone.) Kirsten borrowed my Denise cords so she can cast on for Mariposa. This is such a fun shawl, I know she will like it. I haven’t worked on it this week because I need to get moving on the baby blanket, but hopefully this weekend I can pick it up again.

We also planned the SnB calendar for the next few months. Knitting for Babies and Toddlers is going to be at the train park this time! How much fun will that be? I know not much knitting will happen, but the weather should be great and I know the kids will have a good time. We’ve also got our usual Changing Hands, Coffee Rush, Lux and now Essenza meetings.

I’ll post some progress pictures tomorrow – with hopefully some dropped stitches!


Anonymous jena said...

Reminds me of how annoyed I was (still am?) that Phoebe's twin sister didn't make an appearance at her wedding for the Friends finale. I can't recall Ursula even being mentioned. How unrealistic is that??!

(whew! thanks for letting me finally vent about that! :) )

1:53 PM  

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