Saturday, March 26, 2005

Do you know what I should be doing right now?

baby clapotis2

Folding laundry. See all the laundry in the background? Oh, and you can also see how far I’ve gotten on my Baby-clapotis blanket prototype. Joe says it looks like a giant tube top. Instead of folding boring old laundry, here is what I am doing:

elissa yarn

I’m sitting at the computer while the little boy sleeps in his crib. It’s very relaxing. The yarn in that picture will be used for the eventual Baby-clapotis blanket once I finish the prototype.

In other Clapotis news I finally got my yarn to finish the original, gargantuan, wooly and warm shawl I started two and a half millennium ago.

new yarn

I am very impressed with Jimmy Beans Wool, but not because I got my yarn very quickly – I did order it over two weeks ago. When I didn’t receive it in a week and a half I sent them an email asking for the tracking number so I could find out where it went. Within an hour I had three emails from them apologizing and promising to send me a new package. AND, within a day I had my yarn. All told, I will certainly give them more business. I love their website and they have a great selection.

A friend of mine went to jail today. I never thought I would be the type to hang out with people who make jail time a habit, but it seems to be the case. The DUI laws in Arizona are pretty strict and for the second offence the minimum sentence is 30 days in tent city. So my friend will be living in a tent all weekend and at night, and going to work during the day as if nothing were amiss. How bizarre.

And lastly, dreaded Nick resurfaced last night for an extremely brief IM session with my good friend Parley. I hate when my friends get their hearts broken, and I really hate it when the person causing the breaking is so evil about it. I want to poke out his eyes with a stick. The worst thing is that he REFUSES to explain himself. He just pops up after a month and disappears again within the space of five minutes. I like to believe that all people are inherently good, but this guy is testing me.


Blogger Creative Genius? said...

I have a friend in prison in Yuma until 2007 due to a first offence of drunk driving.... so let your friend know he got off REALLY lucky!

6:26 PM  
Blogger potusol said...

I too am looking for a pokey stick or a bat or something. Drop me a line when you get a chance I don't have your e-mail address.

11:00 PM  

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