Saturday, June 04, 2005

Garage sale day

We bought a new sleeping book this week, so our new schedule is a bit wacky. This morning to help with the time between naps we took Jack over to visit Jeff's "Farewell to PJS" Sale. He made a pretty penny, some of it from us if you can believe it. The items we purchased are still in the car, along with the tv PJS gave me. Hopefully sometime this week I can assimilate them into the homestead.

The most surprising event of the morning was when we saw Richard. Joe got Jack out of the car and Richard had his arms out to hold him (Jack, not Joe) before they even crossed the street. He was so excited and thinks Jack is very cute. They entertained one another while we argued with Jeff over price gouging.

Here they are sunning themselves in the front yard:

yard sale 2

and later sitting on the steps admiring the flowers:

yard sale 1

As you can see, the apartment next to Jeff is for rent. I highly recommend it if you're looking for somewhere to live alone.

My knitting class went well yesterday, but there was only one student. She was very nice and actually already knew how to knit, so we got her started on a project. Next week I'm going to teach her a bunch of different stitches, like ribbing, seed stitch and how to make a dropped stitch scarf. It was fun.

I also finally found the perfect yarn for my master knitter swatches. I know it's 100% acrylic, but it is much more forgiving than the other yarns I've tried. It's Carron Super Soft and is quite true to its name. Very nice to knit up and only $1.99 with my discount. Not bad. I completed the first two swatches:

2 swatches

In the picture you can see the cute new coaster's Kim gave me as a birthday gift along with a yummy bottle of wine. And Jen bought me lunch – so my birthday is now extending into June! We had a nice time knitting and sipping wine. Sometimes it's good to be away from my little bundle of joy for a bit.


Blogger potusol said...

Weren't you just at my house like two minutes ago. Are you blogging from your cell phone connection???

The sale went over well and after a little nap I'm off to Goodwill to ditch the rest of it. Free at last, FREE AT LAST!!! : )

12:07 PM  
Blogger Jack said...

Nope, I'm just quick like that. Plus it's easier to blog when Joe is home and can watch over the squirmy babe.

1:32 PM  
Blogger SquareSlant said...

Brooke..great pics! It is so fun seeing the people we have come to know through blogs!

6:25 PM  
Blogger From My Lips to Your Ears said...

My secret is out.
Though I try to put on a steely, cynical, jaded image (especially about children and kittens-) I am actually a big softie.

The baby was absolutely charming. Free with his smiles, amused by everything I said (I appreciate a good audience) and distracted by shiny things. Basically, it was like my mini-me.

I must admit that in an act of desperation, I affixed a piece of masking tape to the baby's head and wrote "$5.00" on it. Brooke is a shrewd negotiator, and refused to take less than $20.00. I needed the other $15.00 for beer, so I went home baby-less.


4:58 PM  

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