Monday, July 11, 2005

Sock Pattern

Here is the link for the sock pattern. Sorry, I meant to put it up yesterday and didn't get around to it.

She (Alison of the Blue Blog) also has a cute t-shirt pattern here. It's called "Nothing But a T-shirt" and it's made out of Rowan Calmer. I can't even imagine how soft and comfortable that would be, but at $11 a ball I don't think I'll be making this shirt any time soon. (The pattern takes 6 balls, so $66 without tax, shipping and needles. Because of course I don't have the required needles, why would I?)

I tried the sock on my mom today and it fit, so I'm going to give the pair to her when they are done. I'm a little confused about the short-row technique again because I picked up the copy of Interweave Knits that has the baby bootie pattern she refers to, and the directions are a bit different. Only slightly, but enough to make me think I'm doing it wrong.

I hope to finish the sock tonight so I should have pictures of it tomorrow. Everything else is on hold until this crazy sock is completed.


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