Monday, October 18, 2004

Stone Fruit Season is Officially Over!

It's funny to read all these knitting blogs from people in cold places. Someone in Calgary had a picture of the snow that fell in her yard the other day, and others are discussing the setting of heaters and pulling out of wool clothes. Our summer just barely ended here, and for the first time I'm eating apples in my granola instead of peaches and apricots. I'm ready for some cold weather – they are claiming the lows will be in the 50s this week, so maybe I'll get to put on a sweater.

The wedding yesterday was wonderful. I love when people get married, especially when I like them so much. Here is a picture of the happy couple, Edward and Amanda:

Needless to say they were both surprised to see my huge belly. It was fun finally getting them back for not telling me they were dating for almost 8 months!

Shannon asked where in the Bay Area we lived. We were first in Palo Alto and then in Mountain View. We were about 30 minutes from San Francisco down the peninsula, and about 20 minutes from the coast. I really loved it there, but housing was so expensive. It's nice to be back where we can afford to live in a house that isn't about to fall down.

On the knitting front I am taking the day off today. My hands are swollen and hurt as if I have arthritis or something. I'm not doing anything else so it has to be from knitting. But the strange thing is, they don't hurt while I'm knitting, just when I make a fist or wiggle my fingers. I'm going to ask my doctor if that's normal. I know swelling is normal, but why would they hurt like this?

I did work on my dad's vest yesterday, and adding the cable was a great idea. It's looking good and it makes the work go so much faster. It's difficult to put down because I like it so much, but I really do need to rest my fingers. What the heck am I going to do all day? Maybe I should go to the library or a movie or something.

And now, ten more things about me:

21. I am overwhelmingly afraid I will leave my baby somewhere – in the car, at the store, in a shopping cart, etc
22. On a related note, I can often be absentminded.
23. I cry at weddings.
24. When I'm not pregnant, I do sprint distance triathlons. (Swim ½ mile, Bike 15 miles, Run 3 miles)
25. I play the piano, although I don't currently own one.
26. I don't like crowds.
27. I do yoga. My favorite studio is At One Yoga
28. My favorite movie ever is The Princess Bride.
29. I learned how to shoot a gun when I was five years old and I'm a pretty good shot.
30. I would like to own a house somewhere snowy, with a big fireplace and a comfy chair looking out a window.


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