Thursday, April 21, 2005

I never finish a project in time.

I don't think I'm alone in this predicament. I always seem to think I have more time than I do and a project will take less time than I think it will. I was so close to finishing the baby sweater and I literally did nothing else leading up to the shower yesterday. I was six rows short by the time we arrived at the country club (it was a very fancy shower), and blazing mad. Of course I blamed the child for not taking a longer nap, but really the problem goes back much farther. Like to my childhood maybe.

So instead of leaving the gift in the car, or even giving it unfinished, I plopped myself down at the table and started to knit. Maybe this is not appropriate, but I just couldn't help myself. Six measly rows. Well, and I had to sew up the sleeve seams, but still. Like I didn't have a spare hour in the past week to get this done?

But here it is, finished:

finished sweater

I didn't put the hood on. A hood on a baby sweater is sort of silly, actually. If it's cold out, you have to put a hat on the kid anyway. And the hood just gets all jammed up behind them in the car seat.

We met at Mama Java's last night, but after Jack's day of partying at the club he was too tired and we had to leave. He was just way too fussy for me to enjoy myself.

I did meet a fellow knitter at the shower named Charlie. She saw me knitting and came right over to chat about the sweater. That's one thing I love about knitting – you always make friends if you bring out your latest project, even if it is a bit inappropriate. Anyhow, we talked yarn shops (she likes Fiber Factory and won't go anywhere else. I told her about my experiences at the evil yellow house and she concurred that they are not nice.) and I got her email to add her to our group. Yay! A new person to knit with!

I picked up my SWTC Mariposa again last night. I am only on row 10, but now that I have the pattern down it's going much more quickly. I had to stop last night because the allergy medicine started to take over and making a mistake in lace is just not a good idea.

I may get some more knitting in today while Jack is napping. I rejoined Netflix and am already obsessing about it. My first three rentals were Closer, I Heart Huckabees, and the first disc of the first season of 24. On Tuesday night while I was frantically trying to finish the baby sweater I watched the disc of 24 and I do like this show quite a bit. I should have the second disc tomorrow so I'll watch the next four episodes while I wait for Joe to return from his trip. Great knitting show – you don't have to look at the screen all the time to know what is going on. I Heart Huckabees was not as good for knitting, I kept having to rewind because I wasn't paying close enough attention.


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