Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Queen of Dropped Stitches

So I dropped the 4 stitches in Anne's poncho somehow. Fixed those. Then I was knitting on my dad's vest and dropped a stitch right in the cable pattern. Fixed that, although now the area looks loose and is annoying me. And then, to top it off, I cast on for Vincent's hat and was working the skull pattern when I dropped a stitch. Once the pattern was over things looked weird so I counted my stitches. Somehow in picking up the dropped stitch I created another one. Sheesh. I just decreased and moved on. He's five, I'm hoping he doesn't notice.

So I have three projects on needles now – zero to three in such a short time. When I'm done with these I will be almost completely done with Christmas, and it's only October! I'm so proud of myself I could dance. I keep wondering if my knitting days will be over once Jack arrives – will he take all my creative energy? I certainly hope not.

I can only show one of my projects – the other two are being kept away from Christmas peekers. Here is the vest for my dad

I had a funny conversation with my friend Parley yesterday. He said "So when did you get so in to knitting?" He reads my blog (hi Parley!) and apparently shares Joe's attitude that I am becoming obsessed. But I reminded him that I've been going to Stitch and Bitch since January, and we meet 2-3 times a month. He said that sounded a little familiar. Sometimes I get the feeling he's not always listening to me.

Becky mentioned in a comment that her sister owns an Alpaca. How cool is that? I keep trying to convince Joe we need one, or a sheep or even a goat but he's not convinced. I think it would be nice for Guido and Lucca to have a pet. I told him about Becky's sister's Alpaca and that I wanted to learn to spin its hair. Of course that would involve another piece of equipment (not a cheap one, I imagine), but it would be smaller than buying an entire Alpaca.

Before I get on to the next ten things about myself, here is a picture of the sunset from our street yesterday.

And here are the next ten things – I'm halfway to 100!

41. I love the Indigo Girls and have seen them live twice a very long time ago.
42. I also love Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. They used to be the Refreshments. They are brilliant.
43. I do not like London or Venice.
44. I want to learn to fly fish.
45. I watch Ellen DeGeneres every day.
46. I am obsessed with TiVo
47. I like to go to the zoo, although I can't understand why they got rid of the alligators. It was one of the scariest and most exciting exhibits when I was small.
48. I am afraid of whales and almost all sea life. I once had to leave a party at an aquarium because the tuna were watching me.
49. Oddly, I love the ocean, boats, and fishing.
50. When we travel I prefer to rent houses instead of stay in hotels.

Tonight is Stitch-n-Bitch at Mama Javas! Hope to see some of you there. (Parley, you're welcome to come and learn if you want.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The tuna were watching you? And I thought my claustophobia was kinda out there. Tho you are redeemed some 'cause the Peacemakers rock!


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