Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Results Are In

Well, I'm glad to see the rest of you don't think my blog is unsuitable – thank you all for your comments both here and in person. So as it stands the score is:

Me and my blog: 13
Crazy relative who makes Mary Poppins look dicey: 0

Yay for me! And it makes me even happier that many of the people weighing in on my side of the issue have raised children into adulthood successfully. So to my challenger I will say again: Take some deep breaths. It's all going to be okay. You need a small amount of Zen in your life.

Now on to the great part about the blog – the Knitting! First of all, I am interviewing at Craftmart next week to talk about teaching classes there. Since the job at Jessica's fell through I have been trying to figure out what I am going to do with myself. I'm so excited about this and I hope everything goes well. I'm going to take the materials I prepared for my fifth graders as well as some of my knitting, so hopefully they will think I am worthy.

Jack has been sleeping a lot during the day – I think because his teeth are about to break through on the bottom. This has given me plenty of knitting time, and I finished the first pattern repeat on the Mariposa Shawl. Here is the shawl:


and an up-close shot of the lace:

lace closeup

I've just put in a lifeline after row 22 so in case I mess up the decreases in the next section I can at least save this bottom part. Looking at the yarn though I don't think there is any chance I will have enough. We'll see. Has anyone else made this project? And did you have enough yarn?

I'm almost done reading the Yarn Harlot's book. I've kept it by my rocking chair and am reading while I feed the little guy. It's wonderful and funny – she has great insight into the lives of knitters. If you don't yet have it I strongly recommend going to buy it.

Knitting this week at Lux – I think Thursday morning at 10. I love that place. It makes Jack calm and I always get to knit. He is increasingly more difficult to take out at night – his bedtime is running around 7 and so we really have to be home by 6:30 to get him in bed. When I keep him up later he gets unhappy, and an unhappy Jack is not a pretty sight.


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