Friday, October 29, 2004

It's Cold Outside!

Finally, for the first time this season, I felt cold last night. We had to go to a cocktail party at the Heard Museum where we have just become members of their young professionals organization. (I just found out that I am a member, a small fact Joe forgot to mention. I steered clear of everyone with a name badge, certain I would get roped into some committe or the other.) When we were walking back to the car I got cold – my teeth were even chattering! I came home and put on sweatpants and was a happy little camper. Finally, at the end of October, it gets cold in Phoenix.

Julie and I spent the afternoon at Jessica's. She ended up buying yarn to do the charm bag from Stitch-n-Bitch and some chenille to do a scarf. For the bag she bought some fabulous Lorna's Laces wool that I think will make a great bag. I'm not sure which color she picked, maybe Lakeview? It was fabulous. I didn't realize that pattern called for such thick yarn – for some reason I was positive someone in our group made it out of Cotton Twist. Does anyone else remember that?

I have fallen in love with another yarn. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky. The pictures on-line don't do it justice – this is the softest fat yarn I have ever felt. She has a sweater made out of it that I tried on (as she pointed out, it was a very stretchy sweater, so it fit over my belly), and it was amazing. I think I like the Indigo best

I'm heading back to the fifth graders today. Our yarn and needles have arrived, so I'm hoping to make some progress today. If I can just get a few of them knitting I will feel successful. (Heck, at this point, just one more knitting and I would be elated.) We have some extra yarn coming from Danielle in the RAOK group that should be here next week I'm hoping. With that yarn we will be able to finish at least one blanket. This project is trying my patience and skill as an instructor more than I ever imagined. It's like teaching a bunch of worms to sit up and do tricks.

Joe and Parley are both up in arms about my ghost postings. Neither one of them believes in ghosts, which I find fascinating. "How can you be so sure?" I ask them, but they both say the burden of proof is on me. Whatever. I'm wondering if it's because they are men and lack imagination?

I made no progress on my knitting yesterday – too much roaming around the yarn store I suppose. And this weekend is not looking good either. No required sports to watch (Notre Dame has the week off, World Series is over), no real sitting around time planned. Maybe I'll see if anyone wants to go knit for a while on Sunday – I know it's a holiday but Joe will be at work. If I could get a few hours in that would be great. Any of you SnB girls out there who are free let me know.

I'm off to finish laundry and prepare myself for the miniature hoodlums! I leave you with:

Ten Things I Want to Do After the Baby is Here

Drink a Sapphire and Tonic
Sleep on my stomach
Pick things up off the floor
Walk without waddling
Sit with my legs crossed
Have a man look at me with something other than abject horror
Shop at a normal clothing store
Hand the baby to Joe and leave the house
Wear my wedding ring
Ride my bike


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brooke, For Carla's baby blanket, you might consider the free pattern on the Lion Brand website for the Homespun yarn. It is knit on the diagonal in garter stitch with a simple yarn over increase and knit 2 together decreases. I have made 2 of them; they are so soft and cuddly. If you need the link I can find it for you.
I taught myself to knit this summer from the SnB book and I, too, love Jessica's. It is a far drive for me also.
Did you know that Bonnie's Yarn in Carefree is moving into a new larger store this weekend and will re-open on Tuesday? I am going to check it out as my DH will be working at the voting polls that day and I can have the whole day to knit or shop for stash. Love your blog.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

I could probably stand a few hours aways from my hourse on Sunday, is Lux open?

10:38 AM  
Blogger illanna said...

A lot of people made the chinese charm bag out of cotton, but people were doubling it up to make it thicker. That's how I made mine and I think that's how Amy made hers too.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Creative Genius? said...

Hey Brooke,

I made the bag (modified of course) out of two strands of red-heart yarn and one strand of fun fun... remember the bag that looked like a dog - that was it!

I am doing my tri Sunday morning but may be up for something in the late afternoon! Let me know - give my cell a call....

:-) AL

1:20 PM  

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