Tuesday, October 26, 2004

On-line communities

So I've been blogging for a little over a month now, and reading other people's blogs for a bit longer, and I consider myself a part of this on-line "community" of sorts, at least peripherally. I find it fascinating, just reading about people, their pets and families, and whatever else they decide to share. Of course it's all ostensibly about knitting in one way or another.

But as with any community, on-line or real life, there tend to be scandals, uproars, and general goings-on that cause unhappiness or tension. One such thing happened yesterday. Wendy, of the famed WendyKnits decided to stop her blog. Completely. Here is her post:


Okay kids, this is it.
I think I'm done with blogging. I may be back someday, but for now, good-by. It's been fun.

On bloglines she has 426 subscribers, and her posts usually get about 20 or so odd comments. She is behind the Klaralund and Kitty Bed craze. Her site has all kinds of free patterns, tips, and inspiration for new and experience knitters alike.

And now she's gone, without an explanation.

There were many comments on her blog of course, but one was just too funny. Someone named Jayne said:

I realize blogging is a personal choice. But when one accrues an audience that's as large as yours,it's very, very unfair to just drop them all cold.

I can't be so kind as to consciously omit my feelings about your decision. I find it selfish. If the work is too demanding, post less often. But don't just quit... look how many people have already protested, in only two hours!

Um, yeah. I think people take things a little too seriously at times. I mean, sure, I'll miss reading about Wendy and her amazing knitting, but my god, I don't think my life will end without her. Jayne, maybe you should step away from the computer for a bit and get a real life.

There's something weird going on in the world, because a very similar event (well, similar in my mind at least) happened in my neighborhood this week. Our next door neighbors who we see occasionally coming and going and are very friendly just put a For Sale sign in their yard and a moving truck arrived this morning. We just ran into them last week at the neighborhood yard sale and they didn't say a word to us.

People are strange.

I'm not feeling well this morning – had a sore throat when I woke and am a bit achy. I hope I don't get a cold, there is so little you can take when you're pregnant. I did take some zinc and vitamin C, and went back to be for a while. Maybe it will go away.

I'm just about through with the first pattern on my illusion scarf. 210 rows is a lot, and I'm wondering if I should have modified the pattern to be a little smaller. It does look really cool though so I've decided to keep it.

Julie is finished with her baby blanket and almost finished with her sock. We have to take her out yarn shopping to get another project. I envy her getting to start a new project from scratch – no yarn in her closet, no pattern peeking out of her bag saying "Pick me next!" She can just roam the yarn store to hear hearts content and find something new and wonderful to knit. I wonder what it will be.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for. The final ten things about me:

91. I don't trust doctors
92. I love carbohydrates, especially the bad ones
93. I think people are stronger than they know
94. I am often hypocritical.
95. I have incredibly vivid dreams
96. I root for the underdog
97. I get angry at people who let others take advantage of them.
98. I believe in ghosts, though I've never seen one.
99. I have a tendency to give unwanted advice, and sometimes not very nicely.
100. I am proud to live in America, even know when the rest of the world is looking down its nose at us. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

I'm going to try and figure out how to post a link to the entire list on my sidebar. We'll see if I'm smart enough.


Blogger Nancy said...

LOL! I had the same reaction you did to some of the Wendy's comments. :-)

I'm sure you're relieved to know that Wendy will continue blogging, although it will be on a limited basis. (Try to remain strong!)

By the way, I just read about your key incident and this is exactly something that would (and has) happened to me. I'm glad the key was ultimately found!

5:52 PM  

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