Sunday, October 24, 2004

Too Tired to Knit.....

Last night I tried to watch SNL and knit on the scarf, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Jude Law was hosting and he's just so pretty to look at, but even he couldn't keep me awake. I'm just about halfway through the pattern – I finished row 104 yesterday and the pattern goes up to row 210. I won't make my decision on the scarf until I have the entire pattern to look at, but it is still bothering me.

Yesterday was family day. We drove down to Chandler to see Gloria's new kitchen and Joe's Grandparents came over as well. So we hung out for a while and watched the end of a very disappointing Notre Dame game. Then in the evening we had dinner with my parents out on their patio in North Scottsdale – it was really lovely. But afterwards we had to go to a cocktail party for Joe's work. Do you know how unfun a cocktail party is when you're just about to give birth? I should have worn a t-shirt that said:

I'm due in three weeks
It's a boy
His name is Jack
Yes, I'm only having one

I got so tired of telling people about the baby I wanted to scream. And the stupid thin women exclaiming "Oh, you're so big!" Really people, someone is going to get slapped one of these days.

Today I woke up with a headache and a bad mood. I think poor Joe is glad he's going to work to get away from me.

Carla is coming over this morning and I'm finally going to teach her to knit. It will be good practice for my classes at Jessica's because I want to try to teach her to throw her yarn. It seems really time consuming, but I can see how it would be easier for a beginner to learn.

Illanna asked if I was going to teach Jack to knit and I'm certainly planning on it. I think Joe would be fine with it as long as I didn't make him do anything. Although it would be really funny to see Joe knit. You should visit Illanna's site, she has a recipe for adult hot chocolate that looks fantastic. Of course I can't have it now, but just wait until this crazy baby gets out of me.

To reflect my mood, the list of ten will be ten things I hate.

81. I hate to be hot. This makes living in Arizona pretty difficult in the summer.
82. I hate politics mixing where they don't belong.
83. I also hate realtors who try to use every social opportunity to sell houses, like weddings.
84. I hate when people mistreat animals. I can hardly watch Animal Cops sometimes because people are so horrible.
85. I hate junk mail. I feel like our house fills up with paper every week – I wish our mailbox had spam guard on it.
86. I hate to snow ski. It's so unnatural, and always too cold and expensive.
87. I hate parents who don't feed their kids breakfast, keep them up past midnight, and let them watch too much TV and then wonder why they don't succeed in school.
88. I hate crowded grocery stores, especially Trader Joe's because the aisles are too small at it seems like the people there stand and stare at the shelves a lot.
89. I hate to fold laundry.
90. I hate mushrooms. They are fungus. If you leave a wet towel on the floor long enough it will grow mushrooms. They are not for eating.

I hope everyone is in a better mood than me this morning. It is a lovely day here and hopefully I will be able to enjoy it a little.


Blogger illanna said...

Maybe you had an UN-hangover today which is a hangover that you get from NOT drinking at a cocktail party!

After I posted the comment about teaching Jack how to knit, I asked my boyfriend if he had a son if he would let the boy knit. He said NO WAY NEVER so that's that.

Thanks for linking to my site! I am trying to get more traffic just because I think it's fun to have a lot of people read my blog.

By the way, i saw that you post pictures in the actual posts now. Did the thing i told you about photobucket help or was it just confusing?

Anyway, i am going to try to figure out bloglines soon. Talk to you soon!

6:12 PM  

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