Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Kid Can Knit

The fifth graders were incredible yesterday! I couldn't believe my eyes. The difference of the shorter needles and the bigger yarn was amazing. I think six more of them really got it down and are working on their squares. Now I feel bad for referring to them as worms.

We are going to run out of yarn soon, but my package arrived from Danielle with the extra yarn she had. Thanks Danielle!

Here is a picture of two of the boys, Reuben and Will. Reuben, on the left, reminds me of a boy I went to grade school with, Greg Leff.

There was a mother there to help me with teaching. It's funny to see how other people deal with kids. I guess I've always thought of them as little adults or something, because I talk to them just like they are normal. (Which can be bad, I really have to watch my language.) But this woman talked to them like they were morons. And she is one of those perfectionist knitters who couldn't handle mistakes – she kept ripping out the kids work and re-knitting it. Seriously. I could tell it was bothering her that they weren't knitting perfect little squares, but who cares, they're just learning. She is a sock knitter, had on a pair of Regia self striping socks on and another set on needles. I'm always skeptical of people who only knit the same thing over and over and over.

Today I'm heading up to Jessica Knits to sit in on a beginner's class. (Yes, I'm going there AGAIN. No, I won't be buying anything.) This is the same class I'm going to teach once Jack is born, so I thought it would be a good idea to see how it goes. Plus I really need more practice throwing yarn, and hopefully Jessica will figure out why my stitches get twisted when I try to purl.

I did get a few more cable twists done on the vest last night. Joe came home after two days of a jury selection project and collapsed. He spent the entire time sitting behind a one way mirror and watching the fake jurors deliberate on the case. He is not used to sitting still, or focusing on one project for an entire day, so he was pretty exhausted. He actually slept on the floor of the TV room for a couple of hours while I watched "All the President's Wives" and knit. It was very peaceful.

I may get a little more knitting time this weekend. Jen and Pam are going to meet me at Coffee Plantation at one to knit for a while. If anyone else wants to come you're more than welcome.

And for today's list:

Ten Reasons I'm Happy It's Winter

Oatmeal (Which is funny, I never liked it as a kid. I'm not talking instant, sugary oatmeal either. This is a pot of Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal that takes 30 minutes to cook. Yummy)
Sweat Pants
Opening the windows in the morning
Frost on the grass
Hot tea
Pumpkin pie
Knitting with wool again (maybe I'll finish my blanket!)
Fires in the fireplace
Down comforters


Blogger Nancy said...

I want to meet you three at the Coffee Plantation! Oh wait, I'm not in Arizona. Darnit! I can't wait until I move back home. sniff!

I'm extremely impressed, by the way, with your patience for teaching the kids to knit. I know there is no way I could handle it. (Although, I'm like you - I talk to kids as though they're adults. I remember being that age, and they're a lot smarter than adults think!)

12:17 PM  
Blogger Leffie said...

Brooke - I just happen to be the "boy from grade school" that you mentioned in this post ... although it's a pretty old post, I figured I would leave a message and say hi. Congrats on the birth of your baby! --Greg

12:09 PM  

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