Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Blogs are not created equal

I have a drag queen acquaintance in Phoenix who is somewhat of a local celebrity. (Former Ms. Gay Arizona for one). Parley just linked me up to his blog, which I thought would be funny and interesting and at least a little bit crazy. I read the blog this morning and it turns out not to be that great. Just a little yapping about Christmas and Clay Aiken. In person this guy is really funny – his stage name is Barbara Seville (which I think is quite clever), and his shows are fantastic. I guess in his blog he's just Richard.

Not that my blog would be that interesting to someone who doesn't knit. I did ask Parley why he reads my knitting blog since so much of it doesn't make sense, and he said "I just skip over the boring parts."

BORING parts?

What could possibly be boring about knitting?

Very little progress has been made on the vest. Mr. Friendly decided I didn't need to sleep night before last, so I spent most of yesterday in a haze. I knit a few rows at the pediatrician's office and a few more in the afternoon, but I'm still worried it will not get done in time.

Not much else going on, although we have a Stitch and Bitch meeting this week at Changing Hands bookstore. I think it's on Thursday night. It will be fun to get out and see everyone again!


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