Friday, December 03, 2004

Fifth Grader Update

The fifth graders all wrote me letters and Gloria brought them over to me. They were so funny, Joe and I were laughing at the dinner table about these kids. One of them said “I have two pets. A dog and two geckos.” Is two geckos one pet? Did he mean categories of pets? He went on. “One gecko is named Geckie and the other is Katherine.” How did one of the poor geckos get stuck with the dumb animal name? Can you really tell them apart to see which one is Katherine? It was fun reading through the letters. Apparently Cameron has complete 9 squares for our blanket and all the kids are quite impressed with him. By the time I get back to the classroom I suspect the blanket will be ready to sew up.

Joe said to me this morning “I haven’t seen you knitting since we’ve been back.” It’s true, and I hope to remedy this today. I really want to finish the gift for my knitting gift exchange next Thursday and I think I can do it. I still haven’t touched the vest. I’m such a wimp.

Since I don’t have any knitting pictures, here’s a shot of Gloria feeding the baby yesterday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Brooke! Congrats, Congrats!

He is JUST adorable - what a cutie patootie!

Enjoy him! (I know you will.)


5:35 PM  

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