Monday, December 13, 2004

New Knitty!

I’m probably a little behind the times, but the new Knitty is out. I love the wine cozies and I think I’ll make those next year to give as gifts. I would like to think I could get one done for my father in law for Christmas, but judging from how slowly I’m getting the vest done, I don’t think that will be possible.

Speaking of the vest, here it is.

See the centered cable? See the back and forth knitting I have to do up the back? See that it is 10 days away from when this vest must be given to the wearer? (My parents go away for Christmas, so we celebrate on the 23rd.) I don’t have a clue how I’m going to get this done.

For great insight on how close Christmas is, you should visit Yarn Harlot – that woman cracks me up. If you don’t want to read her entire post, here is my favorite part:

I know I should be reassuring. I know that a kinder person than me would be saying the things that my family says to me. Relax. Enjoy the season. Don't freak out. Try to stay cool. Well I'm here to tell you....DON'T RELAX. FREAK OUT. THE TIME FOR THE FREAKING OUT IS NOW. DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. There is a tree in my house. There are perishables. This means that there is not time. Not nearly enough time. Go. Go now. Shop. Take your knitting with you because there is not enough time for that either. PANIC NOW. Get someone to drive you to the shop so you can knit in the car. Stay up late. Get up early. Call in the reserves.

I also need to send a belated thank you to Alison for the great stitch markers and outfits for Jack. She made him two onsies that said “I was worth the wait” and “My mom knits for me” Too cute. I love my knitting friends!


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