Sunday, December 19, 2004

Car Buying Blues

I spent a few hours at the car dealership yesterday, which would normally be fine as I would just sit and knit. But my knitting wasn't with me. Do you know why? Joe took it out of the diaper bag. It was in the diaper bag, he removed it. Said he didn't think it belonged there. I have exactly 5 days to finish the vest, and I wasted 2 good sitting still hours staring into space instead of finishing the back. We had a small discussion and now he understands why knitting does indeed belong in the diaper bag, especially this close to the holiday.

So today I have made no commitments, I am holing up at home and knitting like mad to get the vest done. I am super-motivated now because as soon as I finish I get to cast on the ultra-fantastic Debbie Bliss sweater.


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