Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Those pesky knitters

We had a meeting of the local SnB group last night at Changing Hands. I’m starting to really dislike meeting there – the room is WAY too small, the lighting is weird, and there is no good way to set up the chairs and see what everyone is doing. I wish we could come up with an alternate location, but I know the store really likes having us. (Who wouldn’t? There were over 30 people there last night!)

A few pictures to prove I was there, since my knitting didn’t advance one tiny bit (Seriously, I knit 2 rows on Clapotis. Between walking around and talking to people and minding the baby, I didn’t get any knitting done.)

Becky and Michelle – Becky is our last pregnant person, she’s due in March

Jen is saying NO to me in this picture. Too bad Jen!

See Pam Smile?

The famous Illanna, who tried to cover her face.

Kim and I had a long discussion about our good friend, I’ll call her Jan to protect her anonymity. Anyhow, Jan is one of those great women – smart, beautiful, funny, interesting, talented – and she’s stuck with a guy we don’t like. It’s not fair to say that actually, because none of us have ever met this gentleman. But the information we have about him is not complimentary to say the least, and Jan seems like she’s missing out. I can’t exactly explain it, but every time I see her I want to take out my scissors and snip that man out of her life. If only it were that easy.

As all good meddling friends will do, Kim and I hatched a plan to take her to a rugby game and meet some men. I’m certain these men will be attractive, and I’m also certain they will pay a good deal of attention to our good friend Jan. And in case you are worried we are whispering behind her back, Jan was in on the conversation so we’re not as bad as we look.

It’s funny to me how involved women get in one another’s lives. If Jan were a guy he would show up to knitting (ok, maybe not knitting, maybe woodworking group or something), and his friends would drink beer with him and hang out and never know the depth of his unhappiness. They might not even know he has a girlfriend. I think men are strange. But then again they don’t have people constantly getting in their business either. Hmmmm.

The truth is, women always think they can run one another’s lives better. Maybe this guy is perfect for Jan. Maybe she will be deliriously happy for the rest of her life. Maybe I have completely misjudged him.



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you're the best and I'm going to go cry now.

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