Friday, December 24, 2004

Bah Humbug

I was in a horrible mood yesterday as Joe can attest. Christmas is a little difficult for me because my family leaves every year to go visit my brother in Colorado. It's a good set-up in theory, because the older grandchildren are used to seeing my parents, and we spend the holiday with Joe's family. But even so, I get sad when they leave. I think holidays may be the toughest part about getting married – I don't know anyone who has an easy time with it.

Also, I don't have a Christmas Tree. Yes, it is Christmas Eve today. There is no tree in my house. There is a war going on about it and neither side is willing to budge. I want a fake tree with lights already strung. Joe wants a real tree and wants me to string the lights. He is coming home at lunch time and we're going to solve the problem one way or another.

The vest did not get done. I gave it to my father unfinished and explained to him that it was not done because I cannot count. I will finish it while they are gone to Colorado and have it for him Monday, but it's not the same as having it on Christmas.

I did give my mom her socks. I planned to make her three pair from the Walk-Away Socks pattern, but I only got one done. Here they are:

I made them out of a yarn that the women at the mean yarn shop said wouldn't work for socks. Hmmm. They were wrong now, weren't they? I will get a better picture when she gets back, but there are cables up the back of the socks. They are very cool.

I showed her the start of the second pair, and I think she liked them.

She made me a knitting bag. I have a small bag that I've been using that I HATE HATE HATE, and I'm so excited to move everything over to this one:

The worst part about not finishing the vest is that I still cannot knit on any of my new yarn. And the instructions for the vest now say "Join a second ball of yarn and work both sides of the neck at the same time." Since the vest is ALMOST done, I do not have a second ball of yarn. Who would have a second ball at this point? I'm a little annoyed. I guess I could run over to Fiber Factory and get another ball. Hmmm.


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