Sunday, February 27, 2005

Take Me to Your Leader

Kim, the woman behind it all, finally broke down under the pressure and started a blog. She made me keep it a secret for a while (although she told a few other people), but now I have been given permission to add her to my site. You will find her link on my sidebar for future reference. Now if we could just convince Michelle to write a blog everyone would be happy.

So do you think I got the back done on the red sweater? Not a chance. Tonight may be the night though, with the Oscars on and a baby who has a bedtime very soon.

My parents came over today and helped me grocery shop. I know, that doesn't sound like a real thing to do, but grocery shopping with a baby is not easy. He is so heavy, but he can't sit up, so you have to take him in the car seat or the stroller. The three of us managed just fine, but I certainly could not have done it alone. Even more shocking, I have to cook dinner this week. Joe is in trial and is unsure when he will be home each night, so I will be the chef of the house. Stay tuned, we'll see if I survive.

I hope everyone had fun at Jessica's today.


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