Monday, February 21, 2005

The Secret is Out

I’ve often wondered why Stay-At-Home-Moms always seem so fit. I would have assumed (rightfully so) that being a mom was tiring, time consuming, and left little time to work out. What I didn’t anticipate is how enjoyable the gym would become once I became a Stay-At-Home-Mom myself.

I used to be the kind of person who would grudgingly go to work out because I knew I had to maintain some semblance of fitness. I would get on the machine, whatever it was, and watch the minutes tick away, just waiting to flee the scene.

Today was a completely different story. I woke up to feed the small person and jetted off to the gym. I got on my machine and blissfully ellipticaled away my half hour. (Ok, yes, 3 minutes into it I thought I would die for a brief moment. And yes, once I went so slowly that the machine paused on me, but still.)

This is the big secret. The gym is the one single place you can go as a mom and not feel a single shred of guilt about being away from your little bundle of joy and happiness. I did worry for a brief moment about the fact that I left said bundle sleeping in his room under the watchful eye of his father. Joe tends to sleep pretty soundly, and I imagined coming home to a still sleeping husband and screeching baby. I quickly pushed the thought from my mind and focused on other, more pressing issues. Like which project should I work on at knitting today?

To answer that question, and finally arrive at the knitting content you all crave, I decided to work on the back of my cousin’s baby sweater. Her baby Quincy will be here any second so I needed to get busy. And the back is the most boring part – just back and forth, no shaping, no nothing, for 15 inches. I’m getting pretty close:

red sweater

The SnB meeting today was fun. Julie came with Mac for a bit and I got to hold him while she finished off her first Charm bag made of Lorna’s Laces Superwash. Mac is getting very tall, and has the smoothest skin in the world. Of course he’s talking up a storm (if you can call what these guys do talking, it’s more like yodeling. Or singing heavy metal lyrics.)

I love Coffee Rush – it’s a great little place down in Chandler and we usually get a good turn out. We’re going to try and have more day meetings when people are on spring break. I really like day meetings.

We also found out there is a faction of people meeting with a meet up group on Sundays at a Barnes and Noble. I am going to stick with what I believe, and stay knitting and small, locally owned business with good tea and snacks. So we may be starting our own Sunday faction…stay tuned.

Kim asked today where the pink sweater was – I haven’t knit on it in a while even though I love the yarn and think the pattern is cute. To show her where it is, and to humor Becky who likes it when I show people how cluttered my house is, here is a picture of the poor sweater lounging on the coffee table:

pink sweater

That box cutter is alarmingly close to my Debbie Bliss yarn. I’d better relocate the sweater before something bad happens.

Speaking of unfinished projects, we have a knitting cruise group together for September 17th in Seattle. 3 days of nothing but knitting, with a small break for high tea at the Empress in Victoria. I cannot wait. Think of how much I will get done. So far it’s my mom and Aunt Pat, Kim, Jen, Sherry and me. Michelle is thinking it over as well, and I think Peggy is going but I can’t be certain.

Tomorrow I am going to Fiber Factory to help Julie select some fancy yarn to make a scarf for her cousin Joy. Just watch me go in a yarn shop and not buy any yarn. It will be a good test of my inner strength.

If you weren’t at Coffee Rush today we missed you! We were noticing that Alison and Illana haven't been in a while, I wonder if Kids Town has swallowed them whole? And I know Becky is sick, and Melanie had to work, and many others had to work too I assume. Maybe more people will come to Jessica's on Sunday. I don't know if I will be there, it remains to be seen.

Hope everyone had a wonderful President's Day!


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Howdy dear.... sorry you haven't seen me in a while - I'm working three jobs and just can't seem to make it across town to knit (and I am in FL now and have missed the local Chandler things).... I do miss y'all (as they say here in the south)... hope you are well and I hope to see you soon!

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