Friday, February 25, 2005

Weight Watchers Rocks!

What a wonderful day! It was supposed to be all rainy and cold again today, but instead the sun was shining and it really felt like a brand new world. First things first, I got on my scale this morning for my weekly weigh in, and I lost four pounds if you can believe it. According to Parley, the new diet is managing my glycemic index, which is what is causing the dramatic change. I don't really care at this point, I was just giddy with the news.

So I packed up the guy and we did a little shopping. I just bought a pair of Capri jeans at Old Navy, but they were 2 sizes smaller than the ones I bought at the beginning of January. Yay! I also stopped by Cost Plus and got a small gift for Jen, who is turning 30 tomorrow. You might want to stop by her blog and wish her a happy day.

To celebrate Jen's graduation to adulthood, I met her and Kim at Postino's for a little wine, lunch and knitting. We started at a table to eat some yummmmmy bruschetta and salads. Then we scooted over to the couches where we could spread out – two babies take up an awful lot of room. Here you can see how much fun we were having:

postino 2

And a close-up of Jen and Angus – isn't he getting big?

postino 1

It was a great time – we even talked politics (although I won't elaborate here.)

I barely got any knitting done. I only seamed up the back on the hood for the baby sweater. I still have to attach it to the jacket, which is not fun at all. Here is the hood on Jack just for fun:

postino 3

I got email from Michelle and we're thinking of meeting to knit at 2 on Saturday. If anyone is interested, email me or leave a comment. We haven't picked a place just yet, but maybe a bar, as long as there isn't any smoke….


Blogger Nancy said...

I always forget that Arizona allows smoking in public places. One of the many things I'm going to miss about CA.

Anyway... I did WW years ago and lost 44 pounds. I highly recommend it! Once you're on maintenance, be sure to make the monthly weigh-ins. I was fine and stuck to my new lifestyle while doing so, but then I stopped and my eating habits continually deteriorated to the point that now I need to go back on WW. sigh...

11:41 AM  

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