Monday, April 25, 2005

Smoking and Pregnant

As many of you are aware, I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to pregnancy and rules. I ate feta cheese a few times, had some salmon, even a glass of wine. But smoking? Seriously? I don't think there is a doctor or a study in the world that condones smoking while pregnant. The list of known side effects is long and horrifying, the worst of which are various kinds of death. Stillbirth, in my opinion, being one of the most terrifying. So the baby can die inside you and you will have to deliver an unborn child. Can you think of anything more awful? Oh yeah, I can. SIDS. Directly linked to smoking. So you wake up in the night to check your baby, and, oops! She's not breathing. And oops! it's entirely your fault.

This diatribe is brought to you today because my good friend has a sister who is four months pregnant and smoking. She claims it's very hard to quit because she's been smoking for six years. It makes me wonder if this is possibly an unwanted pregnancy and perhaps she is trying to hurt the baby? Who knows, but I just can't imagine how she is living with herself right now.
And it's not like she's going to quit once the baby is here either. So double whammy – second hand smoke for her infant. Nice work.

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to become mothers.

On a different note, I came this close to ending my career as a blogger. It has come to my attention that I am not an effective communicator when it comes to the written word. I have unintentionally caused three complete knock-down arguments here and one in the comments section of another blog. I feel like I say one thing and it is interpreted in a completely different way. Obviously I am the one at fault since it has happened so many times.

I am going to continue for now, and try to stay out of trouble. (Unless you're a pregnant smoker, then I don't care if you're mad at me.)

I'm off to go knit on Mariposa. The boy is sleeping so I have a bit of free time before I collapse into a big heap.

What is up with blogger, by the way? This posted about 8 times, and my previous post was there twice and now is gone. Just gone.


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