Friday, May 20, 2005

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Blogging is such a fascinating genre to me. The reasons people do it are varied, from plain old self-expression all the way up to political or financial gain. I have been introduced to a few blogs that I read on a regular basis – PJS because he’s funny (and sometimes that’s the only way I know he’s alive), Squareslant because she’s got great pictures and seems like a really cool girl, Raven because I find myself monumentally worried about her son, Pam because there is not a more amusing crocheter in the universe, Postusol because he’s new to me and it’s a good way to get to know someone without all that tedious talking, and of course Kim and Julie because I like to see pictures of their babies.

This week we were introduced to Citricritic because he created such an uproar that everyone was talking about it. Ok, maybe not everyone, but a few people. He had a blog that was supposedly fictional, but he would go around to other people’s blogs and make comments, engage in conversations, and establish relationships with fellow bloggers.

Then he went a tad crazy and claimed to be escaping America because the Republicans were on to him and found out his real name. People were confused, worried, sad, angry. His argument is that his blog has always been a work of fiction and people should have known that. I don’t think he counted on all the friends he had made and the concern they felt for his well being.

It’s similar to internet dating. You never really know what is true until you meet the person. (I am a veteran internet dater, it’s how Joe and I met in fact. Long Live With blogs, you may never meet the person, so you will never be sure what is true.

Regardless, I love it and am totally addicted. I started the knitting blog so I could belong to the ROAK ring, never expecting it to become so much fun. The Jack blog is of course all about Jack all the time and is more to have pictures up of the babe so his father doesn’t forget what he looks like.

So there’s my dissertation on blogging. It’s certainly not a perfect method of communication, it’s gotten me into trouble more than once (most recently for calling someone’s friends bitchy, which I don’t think is a bad word, but some people are really sensitive), but darn it if it isn’t a great way to entertain someone who is stuck at home with a little bald baby all day.


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