Monday, May 16, 2005

Master Knitting

Today I met Becky and my mom for some Master Knitting. We are all working on Level 1 and realized it would be easier to work out the problems together. Of course we ran into many road blocks right at the start and none of us have a single swatch to show for our 2 hours at the Coffee Plantation.

What we did accomplish is realizing we have the wrong yarn. I never buy cheap yarn (and by cheap I mean poorly made, not necessarily inexpensive, because I love KnitPicks yarn and it is quite inexpensive.) I am not used to the yuckiness of Plymouth Yarn Encore 75% acrylic 25% wool. My stitches were uneven and holey, and the swatch just did not look right.

I wonder if there are people out there who never get into knitting simply because they are using this horrible horrible yarn?

I am still working furiously on Mariposa. I am constantly fueled by reading Jonelle’s blog about all their new yarns – I need to get this finished so I can see what they have in their warehouse. I keep making mistakes however, and having to unknit – not fun at all.

The neatening project continues. Now you can see a full view of the front room and by tomorrow the dining room will be complete.

after front room

After that I am on to the nursery, where we still store the shredder and a bunch of boxes. I realized that one reason I can never get things straightened up is that I get distracted. I take something from one room and put it away in another room, and start cleaning that room. By doing one room at a time and not paying attention to the mess and clutter every where else I seem to be making some progress.

Joe is gone until Wednesday. I miss having him here – not just because he helps with Jack, but because it’s nice to just have someone to hang out with and tell me what is going on in the world. We are having a big fancy escape together this weekend and I can’t wait. No dogs, no baby – just the two of us. Well, us and all the lawyers in his firm. But who cares about them? I get a good nights sleep in a fancy hotel.


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