Sunday, May 22, 2005

Another ode to my mother


Who else would take a sick and teething baby overnight so I can get some sleep?

Who else would learn to bake with Equal so I can eat two of my favorite muffins instead of one?

Who else would watch my screaming child while I go shop on my birthday and never call me to tell me to come home?

Who else would design, sew and bead my wedding dress? And not complain that it was the second wedding dress she's made for me?

Who else would do mountains of baby laundry – even fold it and put it away – only to come back the next week and do it all again?

Who else would adopt my friend's kids so we can have a multiage playdate, complete with cookie decorating and playdough?

This list could go on endlessly, as she is constantly doing things to make my life easier. She took our crying, fussing little man overnight Saturday night while we attended a party at the Arizona Biltmore. Of course his tooth finally broke through when he was with her, he had a cold, and he was downright miserable because drinking from a bottle just does not cut it in his book.

She is a brave soul, and is hopefully home taking a nap now. Thank you mom!

As for my list of ten things I've never done, here we go:

  1. I have never and would never jump out of a plane, off a cliff, bridge or other apparatus for any reason.
  2. I have never been to Hawaii.
  3. I have never been in jail.
  4. I have never mowed a lawn
  5. I have never been on a reality tv show. (This is a secret desire of mine. If they had reality dating shows when I was single I would have been the first in line to sign up. I also would have been the girl everyone hated.)
  6. I have never been scuba diving.
  7. I have never milked a cow.
  8. I have never spun wool into yarn.
  9. I have never been published.
  10. I have never eaten a bug.


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