Thursday, November 04, 2004

Knitting Last Night!

I was so tired yesterday I forgot to mention we were meeting at Mama Java's last night for Stitch n Bitch. It wasn't as large of a group as normal, I know some people didn't come because they were up too late the night before waiting for the election to finally end. We had a fun night anyway - everyone is surprised to still see me, hoping I have finally given birth. No such luck, Jack is staying put for the time being. (If you visit his blog you can see my theories about that.)

Nick showed up, our token male knitter, and informed us all that he's moving to Long Beach to help some girl with her shoe company. What? Nick, we formally request that you change this plan. Where will we be without your fancy scarves and billion dollar suede belts? Unless you can find a suitable replacement for yourself, I have to object to your decision.

I also found out at the meeting that I'm missing some people's blog entries. Bloglines has just decided not to update my SnB group for some reason – it is saying there are no new posts, yet when I got to the individual blogs there are plenty! I wonder what is happening? I'm very disappointed because after the fact I found out that Jen was going to knitting early. I could have gone! Stupid bloglines.

Some pictures from the evening:

(If you look in the back corner you can see my dad)

And yesterday I finished the red baby hat and knitted one in off white. I decided to use a cute little Anne Norling pattern for the second one to make it a little more interesting. It doesn't look quite so fluffy in person. I'm just relieved that Jack will have a hat to wear home from the hospital.

At knitting I worked on Vincent's hat. I couldn't pull out the vest because – as you can see above – my dad was there. He brought my mom to knitting and then hung out at the coffee shop.

My two big goals today are to finish that dang hat and do at least 4 more inches on the vest. By that point I will be ready to divide for the armholes and I think it should go pretty quickly. Those two presents will put me in great shape for Christmas knitting.

I've gotten more sleep, I've recovered from my election hangover, so here is today's list:

Reasons I'm Glad the Election is Over

I don't have to watch any more political ads on TV. (There were two really bad local ads. One accusing a candidate of funding windmills and flowers, and another against the Light Rail. Ugh, they were awful.)

I don't have to look at Teresa Heinz Kerry's hair.

SNL will be about something OTHER than the debates.

Michael Moore did not succeed.

The signs will be removed from my neighbor's yards. (Hint: If every other yard has the same sign as you, then you are all preaching to the choir. You can take them down and not change anything.)

Traffic will not get backed up because the president decides to visit and they have to close all the freeways.

Knitting blogs will go back to being about knitting, the thing we all have in common. I would much rather people rant about fiber than about politics.

We don't have to hear about President Bush stealing the election, hanging chads, butterfly ballots, etc.

Hillary can run in 2008.

Americans can become Americans again and stop fighting with one another. We all want the same things for our lives and families, we just have different ideas about how to get there. Now we can all wake up every day, revel in the fact that we live in this country, feel lucky to have a democracy, know we have done our civic duty, and work with one another to make things better. (I know, it's asking too much. But I'm feeling optimistic today.)


Blogger Jen said...

I love the Ann Norling hat, I want to make it for a premmie :-)

Yeah Hillary.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Kirsten said...

Hey Brooke, your hats are really cute!!I wanted to comment re the caffeine post the other day....I found out the hard way..... I had too much chocolate the halloween after my son was born and he *really* did not want to sleep that night!! Ooops! But it didn't last 96 hours......thank goodness.

Take care, Kirsten

8:29 AM  
Blogger Creative Genius? said...

Whoo hoo - Hillary's got my vote in 2008 -- that'd be awesome! I think she needs to pave the way for me to be pres! Although what this country really needs is a Black, Native Amercian, Jewish, Lesiban president (all in one) - that'll scare the old white christian men for ya! Watch out bible belt - here we come!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Well said Brooke!

We too have a token male in our SnB. But now he's got a girlfriend and so he almost never comes. I think we're going to have to get a replacement male soon. Breaks my heart.

12:15 PM  

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