Friday, November 19, 2004

Knitting for Knitters

I didn't go to the knit-in last night, but I hear it was tons of fun. I'm sure it was packed – she always draws a big crowd. Instead, Joe took me back to Delux, the fancy hamburger place on Camelback and 32nd Street. This time I had the Delux Burger instead of the Standard Burger and my goodness it was amazing. Carmelized Onions, two cheeses somehow infused into the meat (I think maytag and gruyere), arugula, and this fantastic bread. I highly recommend it.

Kim asked me the other day if any of my secret projects were for her. Sadly, no, they are all for family members. But I've been thinking about it, and I realized I wouldn't have the faintest idea what to knit for someone who is a knitter. You can't really get away with a quick scarf, because they will know how easy it was. And here in Arizona there is not a big need for hats and warm things like mittens.

So my question to everyone is this. Do you knit for your knitting friends? If so, what do you knit them?

Not much else is going on in the knitting world for me today. I may work on the vest a bit, and maybe the secret projects.....


Blogger Creative Genius? said...

Nope -- Sorry! I hate to admit it - but I don't knit for my knitting friends! Honestly - the two reasons why is I hardly have time to knit for myself and if my knitting friends can knit - they can knit for themselves probably faster than I can knit for them... AND they know what good yarn is... so I can't get away with using the cheap stuff like I use for my own stuff.... so this has left me with a dilemma with all the babies being born, the holidays right around the corner and the winter party.... I had to get creative! Hopefully the results will be well liked!

10:49 AM  
Blogger Becky said...

It depends...If I like to knit something that they are not into knitting then I will. I have a friend that liked the purses I knit, so I knit her a purse. It was something that she admired but wouldn't do for herself. I do like getting knitted things, though. When I first taught Martha to knit, she made me this crappy little pink pouch with an off center button. I love it! It not only has part of her in it but part of me as well! That is the question that I am pondering right now, to knit something for the holiday party or not... Hmmmm...

9:48 PM  

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