Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My hands

I am still home waiting for the baby to come. This kid is about as stubborn as his father.

I have realized that my hands are hurting from pregnancy, not from knitting. It must be the large amounts of fluid trapped inside that make them hurt - I really look like someone stuck a hose in my mouth. But I haven't touched a knitting needle in days, and my hands still hurt. I hope this is something that goes away once the kid arrives!

Our SnB group is meeting at 10 this morning at Lux Coffee Bar on Central. I was hoping to be in the hospital by now, but no such luck. Fortunately the coffee shop is right down the street from my house, so even if I do go into labor (cross your fingers) I won't be far.

I haven't had pictures in a while, so here you can take a look at Jack's nursery, and my packed bags:


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