Thursday, February 10, 2005

Close Encounters

Do you ever go out in public with yesterday’s makeup on, hoping people won’t really notice that you resemble those celebrity mug shots on the smoking gun? You know, like Yasmine Bleeth:


I went to meet Joe for lunch last minute yesterday so he could hang out with the little guy, but since we had declared it pajama day earlier on, we both looked a little ragged. He was wearing his footed pjs that say “Baby Boy” and have a blue bear on them. Hardly the outfit for going out about the town. I at least put on a sweater and some jeans.

Of course this story leads to running into a former colleague. Carl Grupp, who I worked with many moons ago at Doubletree, and who was and still is one of the most attractive men I’ve ever known in my life, was walking across the courtyard as Jack and I were leaving.

I have learned my lesson and will not leave the house again without at least taking a perfunctory look in the mirror. Or maybe the answer is to never go out of the house again?

So I did get a small amount of knitting done yesterday. You can see the progress here:

baby sweater 3

I know, not much. But I only have 2 more pattern repeats and I bind off. Then it’s on to the hood. I hope I have enough yarn. I’m going to the eye doctor today, and hopefully to get my hair cut by Becky. I have to call and see if they have any appointments available, but first I have to dig around and figure out where she works again. (If anyone out there has the number and address, can you email it to me? I will be eternally grateful.)

Everything is such an ordeal for me these days.

I know I'm supposed to be doing some music quiz that Jen and Nancy want me to do, but I don't think it's going to happen. Suffice it to say that I have about a billion songs on my computer, but I usually listen to Rhapsody, which is streaming music from the internet. Is that good enough?


Blogger PJS said...

Did you at least follow Cindy Cunningham's advice and have your lips painted on?

10:37 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Good enough for me! :-)

Footed pjs, eh? Does Jack have a matching set? (hee,hee!)


12:18 PM  
Blogger SquareSlant said...

I just read all "100 things about Brook" - thought it was great! Wish you were my neighbor!

Don't worry about running into Carl - it happens to all of us! Mortifying yes...but it happens!

3:33 PM  

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