Monday, February 07, 2005

Learning Curve

Knitting has taught me a few things about myself.

One. I can't do math. As in, I can't necessarily tell you if a number is divisible by 8. And if I have to figure out how many rows I need where there are 8 increases across the row it will make my brain hurt.

Two. I make stupid mistakes because I don't pay close enough attention to what I'm doing. In this particular baby jacket I'm making for the Southwest Trading Company as a sample, there is a 7 stitch border. That means you have to knit the first and last 7 stitches, even on the purl side of the work. Of course on one row I forgot. And of course I couldn't just leave it because they would notice. If it were my jacket, for my baby, I would have left the mistake and moved on. But it wasn't, it had to be right, and I had to rip out.

Three. I hate ripping back work. It is depressing. You are making progress, but it's backwards progress.

Four. I love free yarn. I'm knitting this particular baby jacket with Oasis Soy Silk, a yarn I have never purchased because I was afraid I wouldn't like it. Well, let me tell you something, this yarn is cool. And I'm not just saying that. It will be light and soft when knit up, and it's a pleasure to work with – even ripping it out wasn't as bad as with some yarns. And it never splits.

I was going to post a picture of my progress, but Illanna mentioned that our samples may be a secret. I'm going to ask Jonelle next time I'm there, but just in case I'll give you this picture instead:


My beagle Guido cuddled up to the project while I was away tending to Mr. Wonderful in the next room. (He missed us because we took the baby and escaped to the mountains for the weekend. I think this was his way of protesting.) The trip was fun - I got in some great knitting and we all got to relax just a little bit. Here is what it looked like out the front door:

car in snow

Yes, that is snow. And yes, it's only 1 ½ hours away from Phoenix if you can believe it.

Today is knitting with babies and toddlers at Kim's house. I'm looking forward to it – I think it will be much easier to tend to the little guy at someone's house instead of at a coffee shop. Not that I mind the coffee shops, I just dread having to change his diaper because they never have those little fold out changing tables so I end up on the floor.

If anyone wants to go knitting tomorrow night let me know. I was thinking somewhere in Downtown Tempe maybe – kind of halfway between me and the East Valley. I know there is a bookstore on Mill, but if there is somewhere else better to go I'm all for it.


Blogger Pam said...

I actually emailed Jonelle and asked her that same question. Her response was "blog away!" so as soon as I actually start working on mine I'm going to post about it.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Tag, you're it. Sorry, blame Pam.

How about Coffee Plantation on Mill, its been years since I've been there.

1:07 PM  

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