Monday, January 31, 2005

Zipper Madness

And here you see the zipper, finally installed in the sweater:


And here is the sweater blocking:


Now I just need to sew it up and I’m done! Yay. Although sewing up is my least favorite part, I must say. And I'm afraid I may run out of yarn. Turns out I didn't do the math right when I was buying the yarn in the first place (I know this is a shock to all of you because I usually have such fine-tuned math skills).

I dropped another stitch on Clapotis last night. It’s addictive, I feel like every time I sit down I have to do 12 rows so I can get to the next dropped stitch. I can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s done – I’m guessing it will take a fair amount of blocking to keep the edges from curling.

I talked to KnitPicks again. They had my credit card number wrong, even though I had called and verified it already. Ugh. Now I won’t have my yarn until the end of this week, giving me two weeks to finish the sweater. Luckily I think we’re going to Flagstaff for the weekend to relax, so I’ll have some drive time to work on it.

Some people are wondering why I was so interested in the frogs yesterday. Doesn't it seem strange to sell frogs for people to cook? I mean, exactly how are you supposed to kill and clean the frogs? Do you only eat the legs? It's just such a bizarre thing to see in a grocery store, in my opinion.

Tomorrow is a mini-SnB at Lux. So far people have confirmed for noon - if anyone wants to go earlier let me know. I am right down the street so I can be there in a jiffy. I love that place - for some reason it puts Jack into a weird baby trance and I can knit all I want.

So far we have 2 walkers signed up – me and Nancy. I think Jen was talking about it, and I know Shannon will be signing up in the future. Who else is in? I’m setting up a blog for the group so if people want to walk together or share stories they can. I’ll put the site up as soon as it’s ready.


Blogger Nancy said...

Eva has signed up (I saw her name on the 3-Day team page).

It's a good thing we've got some time to train for this, because I'm just discovering how out of shape I am!


12:20 PM  
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