Sunday, January 30, 2005

Leaping Lizards!

Joe went grocery shopping yesterday at the 99 Ranch Market in the Chinese Cultural Center. We go there from time to time to get vegetables and look around – it’s a really cool place. Now I wish I had gone, because he told me they were selling live frogs out of a laundry basket in the fish section. I may go by today to see if they still have the frogs so I can take a picture, but imagine! Live frogs for sale in Phoenix Arizona. Joe was pretty certain they were not local frogs.

I dropped another stitch on Clapotis yesterday. I’m not sure how exciting these pictures are, but they make me happy anyway.

dropped stitches3, originally uploaded by Brooke Streech.

dropped stitches4, originally uploaded by Brooke Streech.

The zipper will be installed today. My mom leaves tomorrow so we have to get it done today, no question. She is coming over at noon with the zipper and I won’t let her leave until it’s safely sewn into the sweater.


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